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IT training fot teachers in Egypt

Developping new educative tools within French speaking schools

Egyptian Catholic Schools Training Consultant

June 2010

“Teacher training” © CFECE-cairo

Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes-TILO is designed to improve the quality of teaching, learning and school management thanks to the use of technology by pupils in schools. The American Agency for International Development & Technology and Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes are working in close collaboration with the department of education, the ministry of communication and information technologies, the private sector and communities in seven Egyptian governorates to draw up an integrated holistic model for introducing technology in school reform activities. The technology for improved learning outcomes project is based on four aspects:

1- Improving the quality of teaching and learning through technology:

* Introduce teaching technology through educational activities for school development

* Supply materials which schools can manage

* Train teaching staff, supervisors and inspectors in how to specifically use technological tools

* Implement digital resources and active learning methods aiming to increase knowledge, critical thought and problem solving

2- Develop partnerships to foster innovation and share responsibility:

*Use best practices thanks to collaboration with the private sector

*Make the best us of resources and experience

*Support the management of education technologies thanks to shared responsibility between government, the private sector, schools and communities

3-Consolidate the ability to efficiently manage education technology:

*Work with the department of education and authorities to create efficient means to manage and maintain technology in schools

4- Measure the impact of the technology model on teaching, learning and management:

*Supervise and assess project contributions, processes and impact

“IT activities with children in a private Catholic school”© CFECE-cairo