Welcome on MEDiakitab blog. This program aims at sharing information and ressources dedicated to reading and writing practices, from story telling to digital form, in the Euro-Mediterranean space.

MEDiakitab association, located in Marseille, is in charge of administrating the blog. Contents are a reflection of the activities, analysis and knowledge developped by the network members.


Ossama Helmy

Origami artist and storyteller


Oz Oz © Arab Origami Center

Ossama Helmy, AKA OzOz, is an Egyptian artist who use origami art in story telling and artistic performance. After studying Anthropology in Alexandria University, he cofounded “Ressala” band in which he sang from 2000-2004. In 2003, he participated in a storytelling workshop with Vanya Exerjian, held at Bibliotheca [...]

Soha Ibrahim Wakim

Trainer of Teachers and Superiors Pedagogical Leaders

Photo - Soha 2015

Portrait 2015 © Soha Wakim

Graduate studies in literature at the French Department of the University of Alexandria and a Trainer of Trainers Degree from the University of Besançon (France), Soha Wakim has developed a rich and varied experience in the fields of education and training.

For 13 years, she taught French to students [...]

The Francophone Activities Centre (CAF)


Logo CAF © CAF – Bibalex

The Francophone Activities Centre (CAF) was created in may 2013 in the cultural approach segment of Bibliotheca Alexandrina to promote Francophone culture. The first aim is to encourage people to speak the language of Molière at the local level. Alexandria is housing many francophone schools and universities, and [...]

The francophone library


Following the special donation of 500 000 books offered in 2009 by BNF, Bibliotheca Alexandrina decided to create a specific entity, the Francophone library, to accomodate, administer and promote the collection. The donation correspond to 10 years of legal deposit in all the fields of French publishing from 1996 to 2006. Since the donation, Bibliotheca [...]

“Art and Life” project in Alexandria

Art for disadvantaged children


“Art and Life project” was born in 2011 for the purposes of promoting the integration of disadvantaged children, through art activities. During a three hours session per week (from november to april) or 2 sessions (from may to october), teams of volunteers are welcoming at risk children. The children are living in an unstable [...]


Co-animatrice du projet Art et Vie/ Alexandrie

Rasha Rashad 1©cd

Rasha Rashad is an ingineer and manages a section at P&G Egypt (Pampers). At Art and Life project, she works as a volunteer and she is in charge of photo documentation for all the workshops and activities.

The project targets children who are victims of abuse or street children to offer them artistic expression workshops. [...]

Youth Libraries Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Since the creation of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, two libraries dedicated to children aged 6 to 12 and young aged 12 to 16 have been established.

They try to develop reading, research and creation adapted to publics and try to be an instrument for rising to the challenges of the digital age. Above all, they propose a [...]

General Board of Egypt catholic schools : Training Center for Arabic, English and French speaking.


Since The 19th century, Egyptian schools have belonged to the Catholic communities developed from the North of Egypt with towns such as Alexandria and in the South with towns such as Assouan.

Without religious distinctions, these schools welcome a large population of schoolchildren coming from different social levels. Today this number represents 0.6% of [...]

CEAlex/ Alexandrina Studies Centre


The Alexandrina Studies Centre (CEAlex) was created in 1990 by Jean Yves Empereur, the Director of Research for the French National Scientific Research Center (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique – CNRS). The aims of the CEAlex are to study Alexandrian History through documents illustrating the fabulous destiny of the town. Archeological Excavations of the [...]


Graphic designer, independent artist


Shennawy was born in Cairo in 1978 and studied fine arts with a specialization in advertising. As a teenager, he developed a passion for comics. Then he began his career drawing for Ala el-Din magazine at the beginning of 2000’s, then he worked in advertising.

His short comics « Plus de batterie » was nominated in 2009 [...]