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The Image Factory

Images, youths and socities in the Arab and Mediterranean world

The conference that was originally planned in Marseille on 14 and 15 January 2016 has been transformed by a seminar open to the public “The image factory“, in 2016-2017. It is designed and run by Mathilde Chèvre (IREMAM) and Kinda Chaib (IREMAM/MuCEM) for Arab Studies Masters students. It is also open for all audiences, with one session per month.


How stories are told to those who do not read (yet) words?
How do we read an image?
How do we write and describe the world with images?

The objective of the seminar is multiple. It invites us to understand the relation to the image and the images we have in our practices and field research and to question the practices of Social Sciences of the image. It is focused on Arab and Muslim worlds where new practices and new way of transmission h

ave recently deployed. In a world saturated with visual messages, it aims at questionning the relation we have with the images.

Research and creation
During this first year, the seminar will question the image factory and image research practices. Upstream the research field, what are the interests of methods designed from images? How do social sciences make the methodological choice to use the images in the field? How images can be used for restitution, including through the mobilization and the creation of original devices? What does an image based reflexion bring to a social science research ? How working with images alters the relation to the field and to the respondents?

This seminar is aimed at students, researchers, but also to publishing professionals and authors/illustrators around the Mediterranean.
It is organized by IREMAM and MuCEM.