Welcome on MEDiakitab blog. This program aims at sharing information and ressources dedicated to reading and writing practices, from story telling to digital form, in the Euro-Mediterranean space.

MEDiakitab association, located in Marseille, is in charge of administrating the blog. Contents are a reflection of the activities, analysis and knowledge developped by the network members.


Make a video about Marseille

Open competition to young Mediterranean


The City of Marseille wishes to initiate a network of young French ambassadors in cities with which it is twinned or in cooperation agreement. This year, the cities of Yerevan, Genoa, Glasgow, Odessa, Hamburg and Alexandria will inaugurate this project of competition.

The winner will stay for a week in Marseilles during [...]

The Image Factory

Images, youths and socities in the Arab and Mediterranean world


The conference that was originally planned in Marseille on 14 and 15 January 2016 has been transformed by a seminar open to the public “The image factory“, in 2016-2017. It is designed and run by Mathilde Chèvre (IREMAM) and Kinda Chaib (IREMAM/MuCEM) for Arab Studies Masters students. It is also open for all audiences, with [...]

Cairo Comix gathers Arabic comic artists

Arabic alternative comics bubble with creativity

Festival Cairo Comix

From 30 Septembre to 2 October 2015, the first international Arabic comic forum in Cairo honored Arabic comics. Cairo Comix festival was organized by a collective of comic artists, in partnership with the French Institute in Egypt gathered around twenty  comic artists and writers from Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco. Researchers, like Mathilde Chèvre, from [...]

Oran story telling festival : 10 years of meetings on the art of storytelling

Kan ya makan… words and stories to bewitch the city

Capture d’écran 2015-04-01 à 17.29.54

Oran storytelling festival was founded in 2006 by « the litle reader of Oran » and celebrate 10 years old in 2016. An opportunity to gather the main characters and to step back and think about the meaning and the future orientation.

A varied program : stories from here and there, in the old and new days

Every [...]

Transbook, from paper to sceen

New writing styles, from the meeting of books and video games


Professionals in the book field, are facing two major changes : globalization and digitization. To cope these news challenges Transbook organizes meetings, lectures, masterclasses, and creating forums in different countries.

The European project for the digital transition of the youth edition sector is led by Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse de Montreuil and [...]

Orme 2.15, digital and school environments

May 20 and 21 2015, digital fair in Marseille


Canopé network, from the French Ministry of National Education, organizes in Marseille a two days fair about digital culture in education. Since 1994, the national gathering promotes education practices that integrate internet and digital tools. Between mistrust and fascination, school world should find its own balance to assimilate new skills. The stakes are high : teaching [...]

Mediterranean adventures of « Omar le Chéri » comic book

Meetings and exhibitions, from Tunis to Sarajevo


« Omar le Chéri », the character who gave his name to the association (Mediakitab partner), continues its Mediterranean epic. Last port was Beyrouth last November. During the book fair, black and white and coloured drawing boards from the album « the lost tomb of Alexander the Great » (scriptwriter : Gilles Kraemer, cartoonist : Damir Niksic) were exhibited, on the [...]

Assabil takes part in the national reading week

Books and reading related activities are flourishing in Beirut

reception de classes a monot

On april 20-30, in the context of the national reading week, Assabil is offering a rich and varied program for children and gown-ups. About 40 events are organized: reading activities (an activity dealing with Amharic language), meetings with writers for young audiences, puppet shows, a movie based on a novel, artistic activities (crafts and origami), [...]

In Oran, a peace told from childhood

The « Little Reader » organizes the 9th edition of the stories Festival

Capture d’écran 2015-04-01 à 17.30.35

In 2014 « The little reader » had celebrated the diversity of stories that are told around the world with a Festival  dealing with « stories at the crossroads of cultures ». In 2015, the 9th edition of the Festival is emphasizing peace. As in 2014, most story tellers come from Mediterranean countries, and some of them come from [...]

“Je suis Ibn Rùshd”, in Beyrouth

Third Multaka Ibn Rùshd in Beyrouth, March 2015

Visuel Ibn Ruchd 2015-web

On 30 and 31 of March 2015 takes place a third edition of Averroes meetings in Beyrouth. Moultaka Ibn Ruchd were initiated in Beyrouth in 2012,  inspired by Averroes meetings in Marseille. The idea is to analyse social facts to understand better the Lebanese society, and more widely the Mediterranean area. During his lifetime, Averroes [...]