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Catherine SABRY

Manager/ Bokra Sawa association

Catherine Sabry 1©cdCatherine Sabri grew up and lived in Egypt, where she lived until she was 29 years old. Since the beginning, she worked with communication and cultural mediation, particularly in Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines that depends on CNRS. In 2006-2007, she launched  a web cartoon project with children from Arles and Alexandria : Mare Nostrum. The collaborative project that involved schools from Arles, Alexandria, was accompanied and produced by CEAlex and ZINC.

Catherine Sabry has settled in France, in 2010. She studied communication and worked for different organisations (MUCEM, Canal France International) in Paris and Marseille. In 2013, she created Bokra Sawa association, with a French-Egyptian team, in order to develop cultural cooperation projects in the Mediterranean area.