Welcome on MEDiakitab blog. This program aims at sharing information and ressources dedicated to reading and writing practices, from story telling to digital form, in the Euro-Mediterranean space.

MEDiakitab association, located in Marseille, is in charge of administrating the blog. Contents are a reflection of the activities, analysis and knowledge developped by the network members.


Alif, Alpha et Arobase : un projet MEDiakitab avec les jeunes

Enquiry on writings in the Mediterranean space


The project Alif, Alpha et Arobase, lead young people from Ramallah, Alexandria, Tyr, Oran and Marseille, to make inquiries on writings around the Mediterranean sea. They will use their imagination to create and exchange during several months.

Cradle of the first alphabets and the three Book religions, Mediterranean shores host plenty of history, patrimony, stories, legends and tales about writings. From clay to digital tablet, from graffiti to e-mails, from passed, to current and future writing, the project enhance curiosity, reflexion, observation, exchange, and digital creation, the 2012 year round. Partners from each city are building their own version of the project and are encouraging young people into participating in the project. Some groups have alrealdy began, other groups  are building. The objective is to reach a commun creation, revealing the shared identities within diversity.

The blog, a project log book, has just been launched. Within the next months, it will host the participants, young people, coordinators, artists or any contributor’s posts : writing, videos, image, sound… according to the tastes and contexts : to be followed !

Project led by the CEA of Alexandria along with Bibliotheca, calligraphy center, catholic schools secretary, le petit lecteur d’Oran,Tyr library, Tamer lnstitute, ZINC along with Les Pennes Mirabeau Social Centre and COBIAC.