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The Francophone Activities Centre (CAF)


Logo CAF © CAF – Bibalex

The Francophone Activities Centre (CAF) was created in may 2013 in the cultural approach segment of Bibliotheca Alexandrina to promote Francophone culture. The first aim is to encourage people to speak the language of Molière at the local level. Alexandria is housing many francophone schools and universities, and expresses interest in the French language, a language whose practice is still living but fragile, a cultural legacy of the cosmopolitan city. CAF was designed to provide support for French speaking institutions in the cultural, scientific and education fields. It also aims at promoting francophone culture at the regional and international level to take part in the running of the international cultural francophone network. CAF has developped many partnerships with libraries, Senghor university, cultural centres and companies that wish to share their knowledge in French. It organized meetings with artists and scientists that visit Alexandria, known in Egypt or at an international level.


Conversation workshop © CAF – Bibalex

CAF develops cultural projects in the conference centre of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and more precisely in « The Hexagon ».  This space opened to the public offers many activities : lectures, debates, colloquium, round tables, workshops and different kind of cultural and scientific meetings. During these first two years CAF has organized around 90 activities and events. The issues addressed reflect the diversity and cultural openness that promote most of Francophone institutions : from serious popularization of science, classical cultural expression, to more original subjects. Practical workshops of job-search assistance or oral and written expression (translation, public speaking…) reach a large audience.


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The website : http://www.bibalex.org/caf/fr/Gallery/Index.aspx?typ=1




Workshop at l’Hexagone © CAF – Bibalex