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General Board of Egypt catholic schools : Training Center for Arabic, English and French speaking.


Since The 19th century, Egyptian schools have belonged to the Catholic communities developed from the North of Egypt with towns such as Alexandria and in the South with towns such as Assouan.

Without religious distinctions, these schools welcome a large population of schoolchildren coming from different social levels. Today this number represents 0.6% of the schoolchildren in Egypt.
The General Board of Egypt Catholic Schools has been created in order to support the mission’s school establishments in Egypt. It aims to help evolution of school management on administrative and financial levels as well as encourage teachers’ pedagogical practices, professional skills development and managers training in order to improve the schoolchildren’s skills.

The Training center focuses on 3 axes to reach it objectives:

• Manager training;
• Communication between the different educational establishments;
• Reinforcement training thanks to pedagogical development tools.

In Alexandria, Soha SAAD coordinates and impulses actions destinated to encourage educational open-minded Alexandria bilingual schools such as ITC, artistic education involving librarians and educators.

These open actions based on partnerships aim to develop common projects with Egyptian cultural and organisational associations, educational establishments in France or in Europe. Thus, the Training center is an open partnership linking educational stakeholders and ready to share its competencies with others in the Mediterranean and Egypt area.

Contact :

Medhat Ezzat Hanna, adviser for Egyptian catholic schools training