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Zlezla, Alexandrian children animate a story

From folk story to web cartoon


The cartoon Zlezla has been directed in 2008 by Sharif El Sayed, a multimedia artist from Alexandria, with a group of 13 Egyptian children, from 6 to 13 years old, guided by a cartoon expert team. This project, which took place in the education and recreation centre HANDS has been financed by El-Marwed El-Thakafi. The creative project is typical of the links that can be built between the resources of the oral tradition cultures and the artistic and digital know-how. The project made the children participate in a cartoon production, involving them in the stages of writing, scripting and drawing creation. The initial idea was, with the support of the writer Kohinour Osman, to introduce three Egyptian folk tales a group of children. They had to read and give their advice about the stories. This activity led the children to choose one of the stories: it was ZLEZLA. They worked on the script, the story-board, the characters and the set. Eventually, they recorded the soundtrack, with professionals of narrating and singing. Find more about ZLEZLA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdS0OdxbjNc Download the pdf file (French version only): ZLEZLA Sahrif El Sayyed’s curriculum (French version): http://rami.zinclafriche.org/spip.php?article31