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PriMed : the meeting place for Mediterranean documentary filmmakers

Averroes Junior 2015 ends with the students’ awards

CMCA and PriMed

Biyouna, patron of PriMed 2015 © MEDiaKitab LD

CMCA organized the priMED awards, on Friday, December 11, 2015. Documentary filmmakers have been rewarded for the originality, creativity, and courage of their work on or from the Mediterranean region.
CMCA, which is the Mediterranean Audiovisual and Communication Centre based in Marseille, was created in 1995 to encourage the production of quality documentary for the television stations and to promote filmmakers and professionals.

The missions of CMCA include information, training, support for co-production and the PriMed organization, every year. This award selects and rewards documentaries or reports, which tell the news, heritage and history of the Mediterranean. The association also has a resource function, especially through the newsletter and the website. The video library of the site provides access to the list of works collected since 1994, and a list of Euro-Mediterranean festivals.


The participation of students

Jonathan, Nathan et Baptiste, from Cavaillon highschool © MEDiaKitab LD

For the 3rd consecutive year, Espace culturewas associated with the event through “Averroes Junior” program . Over 500 students from the region had gathered on 24 november at “La Villa Mediterranée” to become a juror of one of the prizes. Among the shortlisted films this year, many were referring to the news, with the context of post-revolution Arab countries, the Greek crisis, the Syrian conflict and the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide …
Other documentaries addressed societal thematic, such as the Arab feminism, the empowerment of immigrant women in Europe, art and madness … The emotion conveyed by these stories, testimonies and investigations was echoing the own stories of students, particularly on Armenian issues and the Arab feminism. Jonathan, Nathan and Baptiste, from the social and economical science section of Cavaillon High School were among the students who chose to participate in the event. They remembered intense and lively debates after the viewing of 4 films. For them, the interest also lies in the link with more academic skills, such as history or even their understanding of the news.

Averroes Junior program ends with the students awards

Remise des prix des lycéens en présence de Bernard Jaquier © MEDiaKitab LD

Catherine Schettini, coordinator of Averroes Junior programm has been particularly affected by the intensity of the debates this year. The emotion was still tangible at the awards in the presence of the actress Algerian Biyouna : the emotion of the three students at the announcement of the choice of the selected movie “Speed ​​sisters” by Amber Fares; the emotion of Averroes Junior team itself, who recalled the meaning of Averroes project after the shock of the attacks of 2015.

Bernard Jaquier, president of Espace Culture underlined the current relevance of the Averroes thought, with this quote: “Ignorance leads to fear and fear leads to hatred, hatred to violence” . The same team also emotionally announced the end of the program, after more than 10 years in operation, with artists and teachers from Marseille and the region. They also expressed a desire to imagine a continuation to face “the duty to learn, to understand and to transmit.

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