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The Heritage days in Alexandria

In 2011, the festival offered a second edition

The first edition of the Heritage Days in Alexandria was held from 24 till 28 September 2010. Four days of events, attendance was nearly two thousand people. The events were electic: exhibitions, free for a day of national museum, tasting culinary, meetings with authors, educational workshops……

Following the success of this first year, the partners wish to reiterate for the year 2011. After the events of January 2011 the will of the Egyptians is even greater in the realization of new projects.

Meet the demand of more pressing by the schools, a strong mobilization of the youth throught various associations of Alexandria, and against the interest of the Alexandrians to their heritage, the different organizers of “Heritage Days in Alexandria” decided to organize a second edition.

“Heritage Days in Alexandria in 2011″ will take place from 16 to 21 october 2011.

The purpose of this event is to attract the attention of youth and the general public on the importance of the unique heritage that surrounds them, give them the chance to reflect on the lessons of history and the challenges of tomorrow. It also aims, through education, to help transform the individual into citizen and educate tomorrow’s decision makers to the special value of their city.

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