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ASSABIL train librarians to the multimedia

Developing video practice and conducting workshops with young people

Launched in Lebanon in February 2015 by the Association Assabil in partnership with COBIAC and the Ministry of Culture, the program was funded by the European Union. It aimed to train librarians to the multimedia so they will be able to solicit young ones who are the hardest age to attract in the public reading areas.

It initially included 20 libraries those which Assabil directly manages like bibliobus, those of Assabil network that the association supports, the CLAC (reading centers and cultural animation) and a camp of Palestinian refugees’ library in Bourj El Brajneh.

Vidéo expression : ideas and youth 

4203341190_a8382d21bf_zThese libraries have formed tandem around various themes: youth recreation, outdoor sports, Puppet Theater, Lebanese landscapes and archaeological heritage and even a tribute to Dalida! Some youth groups have managed to produce a film together. This is the case of CLAC of Jeb Jenin and Niha public library who worked together on a documentary that focused on the production of wine. Similarly, the municipal library in Bachoura, Beirut and the CLAC in Amioun have achieved together a promotional announcement about the benefits of reading.

The facilitators guided the youth without imposing their point of view. May Okaily from the National Library of Baakline said: “I have worked closely with young people to write a” Zajal “popular poetical joust, on the theme of environmental protection, but every word came from their beliefs”. In Assia in the Batroun region, teenagers have invited their parents to participate. The parents have used their family photographs from archives to revive traditional weddings in the village. “It was the concern of the whole community this summer! ” said Violette Attieh, CLAC librarian in Assia.

Lively restitution day

From sixteen different Lebanese regions and localities, young participants met finally Sunday, November 29th, 2015, at Monot Theatre in Beirut to share their video creations. The day was opened by the welcoming speech of Mr. Ziad Bou Alwan, Assabil’s president recently elected, followed by the speech of Mr. Imad Hashem, in charge of the Book Department at the Ministry of Culture and the speech of Mr. Pierre Triballier, president of COBIAC addressed via video. The presence in the audience of Mr. Thierry Quinqueton, director of the Bureau du livre at the French Institute was significant. All the audience applauded Mr. Ali Sabbagh, project coordinator.