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Translating in the Mediterranean space, the mapping

Anna Lindh foundation and Transeuropéennes broadcast their survey

Couverture de “l’état des lieux de la traduction en Méditerranée” © Transeuropéennes et The Anna Lindh Foundation

In 2010, the Anna Lindh Foundation and Transeuropéennes have launched and coordinated a vast mapping of translation in the Mediterranean Area, in partnership with Literature Across Frontiers, the King Abdul Aziz Foundation, the Escuela de Traductores in Toledo, the Next Page Foundation, the Orientale University, the Bilgi University, the American University in Cairo, the University Saint-Joseph, the IFPO, the Orient Institut, theIREMAM, the International Poetry Centre in Marseille, the Index Translationum of the Unesco, the Goethe Institut

This initiative consisted in establishing a qualitative and quantitative survey of the situation in the Mediterranean, concerning translation flows, translation stakeholders, training of translators, dissemination and reception of translation. The mapping, its conclusions and recommendations provide key elements in defining a long-term Euro-Med Translation Strategy and related actions.

This mapping contributes to a better knowledge of the current exchanges in the region, to the setting of priorities for translation, to networking among the relevant stakeholders, both public and private, and to developing and implementing long-term observatory mechanisms.

In the framework of the mapping of translation in the Mediterranean, co- produced by the Anna Lindh Foundation and Transeuropéennes in 2010, Mathilde Chèvre is one of the team.  You can have a look to her rapport “TRANSLATION IN THE MEDITERRANEAN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE“:

The full version of the mapping is available in English, French and Arabic.