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Joha’s new adventures around the Mediterranean

Young people imagine Joha’s journey in the 21 century

Joha PyramideThe book, which was published in 2010, was the fruit of a year of exchanges and workshops between young people from Marseille, Oran, Catania and Agadir. The project aimed at renewing the famous character of Joha, known in Arabic countries, and also in Italy, Turkey, Iran and even China. Sometimes Joha is mad or fool, sometimes wise. The result is  the same : gently mocking human vanity and human stupidity.

And what if, Joha were invited to share our daily life ? With the help from storytellers, teachers and associations, as « le Petit Lecteur d’Oran » and « l’association POC » in Marseille, youg people adopted the mischevious and teasing character in their own world. And the result are laughter or tender smile.

From the stories imagined and written by the children, the story teller Catherine Gendrin created a commun frame, that can be followed in three languages : Arabic, French and Italian.

Joha’s journey around the Mediterranean sea can also be followed on the website : http://marenostrum.marsnet.org/.

For more information about the book, please contact Simona Gabrielli : assoalifbata@gmail.com.