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E-corpus, a collective and patrimonial digital library

Arles Book Conservation Centre distributes digitalized documents in Europe and the Mediterranean


Founded in 2009, by Arles Book Conservation Centre (CCL), the “e-corpus” database indexes and spreads many type of documents (manuscripts, books, maps, archives, newspapers, pictures, audio documents, video…) coming from collections scattered all over the world, mostly in Europe and in the Mediterranean. Today, the platform accommodates more than 100 000 references from more than 200 establishments.

Considering the diversity of indexation methods, languages and establishments involved, “virtual collections” have been created and gather corpus centred around a discipline, a theme, a character, a geographical area…

Digitized documents represent a huge diversity of languages, alphabets and data supports. They are available via a unique interface and translated into English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Catalan and Chinese. But, for copyright reasons, please notice that some digitized documents by the CCL are not available online.