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MEDiakitab association, located in Marseille, is in charge of administrating the blog. Contents are a reflection of the activities, analysis and knowledge developped by the network members.



Journalist and literary critic

KSKenza Sefrioui is a cultural journalist and literary critic. She held the literary section at “Journal hebdomadiare” from 2005 to 2010 and collaborates with “Tel Quel” and Economia. She studied comparative literature at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne and published her doctoral thesis : Breaths, hopes of Cultural Revolution in Morocco (1966-1973), (Sirocco Publishing, price Atlas 2013). She also co-led Casablanca, Open work, augmented reissue of Casablanca, fragments of imagination with a second volume, Casablanca, urban poem on contemporary writing in Casablanca (Le Fennec, 2013). Cofounder of the editions EN TOUTES LETTRES (SPELLED OUT) and cultural activist, she campaigned in the Association Racine for cultural development in Morocco and Africa, and organizes debates on cultural issues.