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Storyteller between Lebanon and France

Jihad Darwich © Tomasz Mysluk profil.studio@interia.pl


Teacher, journalist, cultural animator, writer, art director and especially storyteller, Jihad Darwishe keeps communicating with malice his taste of words, of speech, of writing, in France and Lebanon. Because he spent his childhood in a village in Southern Lebanon that he acquired this momentum, inspired by the Zajal poems and tales told by his mother and the women of his village.

He first speaks as a radio journalist in Paris and Beirut and then as an Arabic teacher at the University of Provence and finally as a storyteller.

Since 1984, he leads storytelling evenings where the wondrous of Arabian Nights weaves with the wisdom and the smile. He speaks especially in libraries, schools, training centers, social centers, prisons, theaters and festivals (France, Switzerland, Canada, Francophone Africa, Arab countries …). He has  also offered storytelling writing and creative workshops, as well as training courses.

He is the author of thirty children’s books and books on storytelling for children and adults, like “The oriental tale, oral tradition in Lebanon” (in Edisud) and “Nasreddine, the fool who was wise” Volume I, II and III (in Albin Michel). Some of these books have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Occitan, Chinese and Korean. He has also published several CDs of stories and tales.