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MEDiakitab : new meeting in Milan

Planting Exchange projects seeds


Mediakitab meeting Milan © zinc-cd

A year after COBIAC and ZINC initiated the creation of the network in Marseille, the members of MEDiakitab network met again on September 29th and 30th, thanks to a fruitful partnership with the city of Milan and its libraries. The two previous days had been devoted to a series of introductions in digital techniques, given by ZINC to the staff of Milan’s municipal libraries and to three MEDiakitab representatives. In a political and social context shaken by the upheaval in Arab countries, the eleven participating structures had wished to meet in order to realize different exchange projects, based on the links between printed and digital culture in the Mediterranean.

The consequences of the digital revolution for children and young people are effectively still very significant. The same observation can be made everywhere: in order to avoid the generation gap it is important to forge links between printed and digital cultures. More than ever, the richness of our printed heritage needs digital attractiveness to reveal its treasures and stimulate the creativity of “digital natives”. The entertaining aspect of digital activity can then enrich the act of reading for pleasure. These meetings enabled the structures to present their latest developments, and to continue to build projects on the basis of a shared methodology and common values.

Thanks to the ability of each member to identify and produce resources, the platform represent a collaborative space to deepen their mutual knowledge and buil projets. Three concrete projects are now in the pipeline:

- A project of a Mediterranean exhibition on the converging points in the literature of Mediterannean countries. Conceived in partnership with the network of Milan Libraries and the Lebanese Ministry of Culture. The itinerant display could be circulated in various partner structures.

- An exchange project between youngsters from several Mediterranean towns, which will result in a multimedia camp named “Alif, Alpha and Arobase” along the theme of “writing, as identity cards”. It is organised by the CEAlex, the CLAC, Tyr, the Catholic schools of Alexandria, the TAMER Institute, the Petit Lecteur d’Oran, and ZINC. This will involve the participation of children from Oran, Tyr, Ramallah, Alexandria/Cairo and the PACA region.

- A project based around multimedia creation and training, led by ZINC, and associated in the first instance with le Petit Lecteur d’Oran, COBIAC, The Catholic Schools Secretariat, and the Maison du Livre, but which concerns all the structures. Its conception requires the active participation of everyone.

A lot of converging points have been underlined around diagnostics, resources and needs, which reveal that the platform makes sense. The most important news can be followed up on the blog.

Download Milan meeting Synthesis.