Welcome on MEDiakitab blog. This program aims at sharing information and ressources dedicated to reading and writing practices, from story telling to digital form, in the Euro-Mediterranean space.

MEDiakitab association, located in Marseille, is in charge of administrating the blog. Contents are a reflection of the activities, analysis and knowledge developped by the network members.



Co-animatrice du projet Art et Vie/ Alexandrie

Rasha Rashad 1©cd

Rasha Rashad is an ingineer and manages a section at P&G Egypt (Pampers). At Art and Life project, she works as a volunteer and she is in charge of photo documentation for all the workshops and activities.

The project targets children who are victims of abuse or street children to offer them artistic expression workshops. [...]

Moulay Driss RJILA

Directeur de la bibliothèque de Marrackech

Driss JRILA 3©cd

Driss Rjila graduated from French litterature applied in professional communication and holds a master degree in cultural professions. He taught communication and held public service position in the town of Marrakesh. He worked in the social actions service on decentralised cooperation relations. He also served as vice president in the town of Marrakesh.

Since [...]


Professeure/ information and documentation Faculty

Maud Stephan 1©cd

Maud Stephan-Hachem is Professor and Head of the library and information management department in the information and documentation Faculty of Lebanese University. With a doctorate in Human Sciences, a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and a post-graduate qualification in information sciences (Paris, 1976). Her research are dealing notably with reading practice, publishing and information access. After [...]

Clarisse CHEBLI

Coordinator/ ASSABIL

Clarisse Chebli 1©cd

From 1993 to 2001, Clarisse CHEBLI worked as a librarian in the Franco-Lebanese Grand Lycée. She was in charged of the Arabic collection and activities (secondary school).

In 2001, she became a member of Assabil and worked as a librarian in municipal public libraries. Since 2006, she coordinates the activities of Beirut libraries.

From [...]


Coordinator of cultural activities

Ali Sebbagh 1©cd

Ali Sabbagh was graduated from business computing from CNAM, in Paris. Since 2001, he has been working in the field of public reading. He was first in charge of the reading and cultural activities centre from Haret Hreik, in the subburbs of Beyrouth, and then he joined ASSABIL association in 2005 as a librarian. [...]

Zoubida KOUTI

President of « Petit lecteur d’Oran »

Zoubida Kouti 1©cd

Zoubida KOUTI is a community activist who has been involved in promotiong youth reading practice and youth litterature.

She was a founding member of the association children reading promotion : “Le petit lecteur” that was born in 1993. The objective was to allow children who had a limited acess to books outside the school context to [...]



ReemAbuJaber © Reem Abu Jaber

Graduated in library and archive sciences, Reem Abu Jaber has been working for more than 15 years in consultancy, strategic fundraising and cultural management projects in the field of reading and non formal education. She successfully accomplished institutional building and conflict management in less privileged areas. She also led [...]

Gilles Kraemer

Beyrouth Salon du livre 2014.4

Book fair in Beyrouth – 2014 © Gilles Kraemer

Gilles Kraemer was born in Versailles in 1965. Graduated in journalism, he spent several years in the French cultural network abroad (Cairo, Ramallah, Sarajevo). He is a researcher and manages a literary journal: Riveneuve Continents. He teaches at university in France and abroad, published several [...]

Dominique TABAH

Head librarian, retiree, Paris


portrait © Dominique Tabah

Dominique Tabah initially studied philosophy before choosing to work in libraries. Working as a head librarian, she has directed public libraries in the suburbs of Paris in disadvantage areas with high immigrant populations: Sartrouville, Bobigny. She then joined the directory staff of the Bibliothèque Public d’Information in Pompidou Center, in [...]

Françoise DANSET

Head librarian, retiree

Portrait Francoise D (1)

After studying history, Françoise Danset, devoted her entire working life in promoting public reading. She has held management positions in : Méjanes library in Aix-en-Provence, « Cergy Pontoise » (New City) libraries, Val d’Oise library, Bouches du Rhône libraries, and a public reading mission in the Ministry of Culture. Simultaneously, she led several activities :

-       Teaching and professional [...]