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The Port turned yellow

le port a jauni

The port turned yellow, le port a jauni, when « it is raining on Marseille », and « Notre Dame is smiling … »

« Le port a jauni » association was founded in Marseille in 2001. It aims at developping publishing and books activities in Marseille and cities in the Mediterranean Basin. The association :

-        organizes book creation workshops with children all around the Mediterranean on a common subject : the view on the city and the urban space, and the way people organize their collective space (workshops « In my street, I saw », and « My city’s belly », led in Casablanca, Le Caire, Diarbikir and Marseille, in Arabic, Turkish and French languages.

-        Publishes children books, among which a collection named « A double sens » (two ways directions), bilingual books to be read in all directions : from right to left and then from left to right.

Contact :
Mathilde Chèvre, president of the association, e-mail : Mathilde Chevre Le port a jauni leportajauni@free.fr

Web Site: http://leportajauni.free.fr/
On line article on RICOCHET website : http://www.ricochet-jeunes.org/editeurs/editeur/1472-le-port-a-jauni