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Cultural Animation and Reading Book Center in Tyr – South Lebanon


The Cultural Animation and Reading Book Center is the first communal library in Tyr. This library was created in 2006 by the Municipality with the support of the Lebanon Culture Ministry, the French Embassy in Beirut for the francophone personnel and with the help of the French PACA Regional Instance for equipment.

The library is based in a patrimonial house called “La Maison Daoud”. This house is located in an archeological site between the old and the new town. The library disposes of a trilingual book collection, plays, DVD and CD for children and adults.

This collection can be consulted in free access and the loan is free of charges. Computers can also be used.  The Library offers events for teens, adults and children as reading aloud.  It also organizes author book meetings, exhibitions and a film club for children.


Ismail Charafeddin, Manager