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poster 2014Sharif el-Sayed founded Khayal in 2013 to organize an itinerant and collective exhibition about creation for children: illustration, toys, origami and photography… Khayal, which means imagination in Arabic aims at promoting meetings between Egyptian artists creating for children and their public. Children can participate in workshops introducing to the technics used by the artists. The first edition took place in Alexandria during summer 2013. The second edition took place in February 2014, in Alexandria.

According to Sharif el-Sayed, creating a space for meetings is as important for artists as for children: “From my point of view, it is impossible to create for someone without having a relationship with him. You need to know them and to meet the parents as well. In Egypt, parents are very involved in children education.”

Through highlighting the creation for children, Khayal aims at promoting a new generation of artists. Young artists are displayed besides more experienced artists. In this sense, Khayal proposes a workshop for students or young artists interested by children illustration from august to November 2014.