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Alrowwad in West bank

Arts and Culture for Peace

We don’t have the luxury of despair, but the steadfastness of hope that we can make a change for our children and the generations to come

Alrowwad is an independent cultural and artistic center for the children of Aida camp in Cisjordan and Palestine. Founded in 1998, this association uses beauty to resist non-violently the Israeli occupation, through theatrical, cultural, artistic and educational activities. This association is working to become a reference center of professional training in the fields of performing arts and visual arts.

Beautiful resistance © Alrowwad

Humanistic values ​​for peace and resistance

Alrowwad works with women, children and young people, whatever their origin and religion; it supports their life projects as an alternative to the thought of death, and offer other perspective to make their country alive too. She wants to promote a healthy environment by helping these groups to express their creativity, develop their sense of belonging and release tension caused by the war climate in which they are forced to live. These activities are conducted in accordance with the values ​​of innovation and social entrepreneurship, respect for human rights and equal partnership relations, to bring a long term positive change in this world.


© Alrowwad

Alrowwad develops innovative programs with local and international partners according to the needs and priorities of the community to build the capacity of the organization. Based on the local community, kindergarten and school to create a homogeneous and inclusive society, the association promotes “non-violent” ways of expression through education, arts, visual arts and documentation of the Palestinian oral history and storytelling. These actions are based on the belief that each person is an “agent of change, and encourages volunteer actions, hence its motto” we do it, with or without money. ”

Developing activities

Based in Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem Alrowwad extended certain actions to refugee camps, marginalized villages and cities of different governorates of Palestine. The association also develops partnerships in the Arab world.

Artistic representations of Alrowwad and its films have toured locally and internationally in Europe and the United States. Alrowwad is a pioneer in organizing the first outdoor film festival, the first festival of Palestinian folk tales, the sports program for women, the professional training program in photo and video “pictures for Life”, the first program of scholarships for students. It offers services and activities at a reasonable cost.

Publicize Palestinian culture abroad

Alrowwad campaigns to sensitize the international community as a whole to break down stereotypes and show another image of the Palestinian people and its culture. It does so with the Associations commitment of Alrowwad friends in France, the USA and England. It is a member of the Anna Lindh network, partner with Ashoka and Synergos organizations, Palestinian Network for Justice and the Coalition of the Palestinian on the Boycott of the occupation. Alrowwad is a part of the National Network for Child Protection.

An organization structured by five departments

Music class © Alrowwad

Department of Arts

This department develops programs and activities in the performing arts and visual arts: theater, dance, drawing and painting, music, singing, puppets, educational games and entertainment with mobile toy library (Play Bus). These activities also include local and international artistic tours to build exchanges and partnerships in creating sustainable positive and creative change.

The media and the project “Images for Life”

The idea of ​​this department is to put the Palestinians behind the camera to appropriate and tell their story from their own point of view. The activities include photography, video and animated films, as well as documentation and archiving of Alrowwad activities, production and editing photo and video. This unit could become a center of resources and media training.

Department of Women

Activities are adapted to the needs of women to promote social inclusion and physical and mental health: job creation workshops, professional training in embroidery, sewing, marketing of local products, sports programs, psycho-social education, awareness workshops on health and environment.

Reading activity © Alrowwad


Since 2000, Alrowwad set up a tutoring program for children (5-18 years) with difficulties in learning and provides a space for library, toy library, multimedia, creative writing, storytelling and folk tales. Since 2001, Alrowwad also plays a major role in supporting students through a fund for university studies: Actors of Change – Actors for the future.

Environment and Health

This department develops awareness, training and education to health and environmental issues. It also provides free medical consultation days, environmental tours, and agricultural workshops on the roofs of houses. Alrowwad center ensures inspire change, with a green community space, no smoking, sensitive to energy consumption.

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