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Bubbles and excavations

Comic books were invited to Marseille museums

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At the end of 2013, the City of Marseille (Mediteranean archeology Museum, the department for International and European relation of Marseille) and MEDiakitab association received historians, archeologists, authors and drawers to share and think about fertile connections to be created between fiction and history, imagination and heritage, drawing and archeology, comic books and multimedia. Speakers [...]

Illustration for youth and comic books in Egypt

Two Egyptian artists describe a moving field

poster 2014

During « Des bulles et des fouilles » meeting, two guest artists, share their view on graphic edition in Egypt. Although their influence are diverse and their style are different, both of them recognize the influence of Egyptian artists from the 1970’s and notice a turning point in Egyptian publishing, in the mid-2000.

Shennawy studied fine arts [...]