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The chick is not a dog

The thesis of Mathilde Chèvrepublished at the presses IFPO / IREMAM


Couverture © IFPO /IREMAM

Here is an academic study which we can read like a novel! The thesis by Mathilde Chèvre in 2013 in Aix Marseille University was destined to turn into book. Far from the distant jargon, this work successfully combines the reliability and accuracy of the analysis to the beauty of the [...]

Stammering bubbles

Look of Kenza Sefrioui on the Moroccan comics


The text below, written by Kenza Sefrioui,  is an extract from the issue 31, in June 2013 of Zamane magazine, pp. 92-93.

The pioneer of comics in Morocco has died while the 9th Art is struggling to assert.

” Never again ! ” were the last words by Abdelaziz Mouride in “One starves out the [...]

Laban and Jam or how my mother became Lebanese

Alifbata association publishes Lena Merhej comics in French


Welcome to the world of Lena Merhej, and her main protagonist : her mother, in the book that has just been published in French !

In the autobiographical story, the Lebanese artist reveals the trajectory of a German woman who settled in Lebanon in the 1960’s, an active and thoughtful physician, a mother raising a large family, [...]

Joha’s new adventures around the Mediterranean

Young people imagine Joha’s journey in the 21 century

Numériser 1

The book, which was published in 2010, was the fruit of a year of exchanges and workshops between young people from Marseille, Oran, Catania and Agadir. The project aimed at renewing the famous character of Joha, known in Arabic countries, and also in Italy, Turkey, Iran and even China. Sometimes Joha is mad or fool, [...]

« Seven lives », a bilingual version

Walid Taher’s album, published by "Le port a jauni"


Cats are known to have seven lives… in Arabic, they have « seven souls ». So when a philosopher cat is asked the existential question « Who am I ? », the answer can only be an elliptical, mysterious and elusive one. There is no question of being caught in the trap of an overly rigid framework. Whatever [...]

The Mediterranean : an history to be shared

A textbook to teach a common history


World map from “Roger’s book” of al Idrissi

The project named « The Mediterranean, an history to be shared », was born during the event « Marseille, European Capital of culture », in 2013. Under the supervision of Mostafa Hassani Idrissi, a university professor in Mohamed V University of Rabat (Morocco), 15 historians from Maghreb, Europe and [...]

Illustration for youth and comic books in Egypt

Two Egyptian artists describe a moving field

poster 2014

During « Des bulles et des fouilles » meeting, two guest artists, share their view on graphic edition in Egypt. Although their influence are diverse and their style are different, both of them recognize the influence of Egyptian artists from the 1970’s and notice a turning point in Egyptian publishing, in the mid-2000.

Shennawy studied fine arts [...]

The boom of Lebanese comics

Talents from Cedar country express through pictures


©Jorj Abou Mhaya, Madīnah mujāwirah lil-ard, Dar Onboz

Since 2007, the Lebanese comics are very active and give birth to talented artist: «Dying, leaving and coming back » of Zeina Abirached, «Beirut, July-August 2006 » of Mazen Kerjab. The same year, ALBA publishing started to publish the cartoonist students ‘work. The magazine Samandal, which [...]

Translating in the Mediterranean space, the mapping

Anna Lindh foundation and Transeuropéennes broadcast their survey

Image 2

Couverture de “l’état des lieux de la traduction en Méditerranée” © Transeuropéennes et The Anna Lindh Foundation

In 2010, the Anna Lindh Foundation and Transeuropéennes have launched and coordinated a vast mapping of translation in the Mediterranean Area, in partnership with Literature Across Frontiers, the King Abdul Aziz Foundation, the Escuela de Traductores in Toledo, the Next Page Foundation, [...]

Digital publishing: a chance to take for all the countries?

International Alliance of independent publishers' survey distributed on line

Image 1

L’édition numérique dans les pays en développement ©International Alliance of independant publishers

During the summer 2011, the International Alliance of Independent Publishers put on-line an unpublished study about digital publishing. The organisation asked Octavio Kulesz, an Argentinean philosopher, “traditional” publisher having switched to “digital” with a new publishing house, to lead a [...]