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The water tanks’ genius

A water travelling story

To make young audience aware of archaeology and patrimony, the educational service offers several activities on the theme of the water since a lot of studies have been made at the CEAlex: water tanks statement, hydraulic system study.

The educational service chose to make water familiar in Alexandria through a tale. They asked El Warsha, independent theatre company, created by Hassan EL GERETLY in 1987. From a first text, suggested by the educational service and meeting with professionals of the CEAlex, especially Isabelle HAIRY, specialist of the hydraulic system in Alexandria, El Warsha produced “the genie of water tanks” with the writer Amal OMAR and the actor and storyteller Boutros GHALI.

Every morning at 9:00, from the 25th to the 29th of June 2006, a group of children have been welcomed on the Qayet Bay Citadel with the storyteller. Other children with their family could enjoy the tale in the theatre of the culture and cooperation French centre.

With its own eyes, Stephane PACHOT offers another adaptation of the tale, through a poetic documentary.