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“Art and Life” project in Alexandria

Art for disadvantaged children


Art and Life project” was born in 2011 for the purposes of promoting the integration of disadvantaged children, through art activities. During a three hours session per week (from november to april) or 2 sessions (from may to october), teams of volunteers are welcoming at risk children. The children are living in an unstable family environement or in a community centre. Professional artists join the group to offer artistic activities : music, puppets, shadow puppet, choral, photography…



Art and theatre, symbolic pictures for identities 

Each year, the year ends with an evening show focused on a subject, like « my dream is your dream », « I am self confident ». During last show, named « I am not afraid to share my life », children have even shared significant life events they had expressed before during writing workshops. To reveal secrets locked in times let them release many emotions and generate more trust among themselves and toward facilitators. Performing the life stories on stage let them distancing themselves.

In addition of this main project, actions are aimed at streets children. Volunteers indicate a gathering place and bring them to the Jesuite cultural centre. They are welcomed with snacks and games to spend a moment of exchange, relaxation and sharing. Through these activities, three children accepted to leave the street and join a Caritas centre. They are now active members of « Art and life ».


A background work against prejudices and for creativity

The idea of the project is that beyond the physical and social health, children mental health is crucial. Often they have faced violence and have been exposed to stress and trauma. Through art expression, the objective is to build up self esteem and to improve their status in society. These moments of enjoyment also build confidence in society. To combat misconceptions and prejudices against them and raise the visibility of the initiative, campaigns are launched : information leaflets, posters, videos, social networking…

Art and life holds two open door days for increased public awareness of at-risk children.


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