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The access to the culture through reading and storytelling

Cultural activities with books


For a few years now Lebanon expands the publishing for children. This sector, which becomes more and more creative and dynamic, comes across many difficulties though: most of the authors, publishers and booksellers are concentrated in Beirut, the books for children are still very expensive and it’s difficult for the libraries to organize the events to attract the readers. Also to make a connection between the authors, mediators and other staff in the book’s chain remains a challenge to take up for a promotion of books and reading.
Between March and October 2010 the Minister of Culture in Lebanon, House of Book in Beirut and COBIAC run the European project called The access to the culture through reading and storytelling. This project follows a call from European Commission made as part of its Neighbourhood Policy which provides a dialogue of cultures and civilizations between the European Union and the neighbours.
The objectives of this projects were: an ease of access to reading through the cultural activities, a promotion of the children’s books in Arabic as well as the oral heritage and a support for the staff in the book’s chain. Generally speaking, this project helped to decentralize the cultural life in Lebanon mainly concentrated in Beirut, because a lot of activities occured in many different towns, especially in the south (ex. Tyr) and the north (ex. Hermel) of the country.
Thus, from June to October three cultural events took place: a travelling festival of children’s book (15th-19th June in Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp in Beirut, 22nd-26th June in Tyre, 29th-3rd July in Bint Jbeil, 6th-10th July in Jeb Jennine, 13th-17th July in Aley, 20th-24th July in Mechmech in Akkar, 27th-31th July in Hermel), a children’s camp in a theme of book and reading (4th-8th August in Hermel) and a mainly Arabic-speaking festival of storytelling (25th-26th September in Hermel). All mentioned events were a great success and thanks to them a various public, especially children, could get to know the authors, illustrators and storytellers. It was also a good way to promote the libraries and make a connection between them and the young readers.