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BNF digital resources

Virtual exhibitions, games for children, Ipad applications...

Site de la BnF pour enfants ©BnF

Virtual exhibitions, games for children, Ipad applications, the digital resources of the BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France, French national Library)

The BnF puts on-line exhibitions showed on its premises in Paris. It provides on-line resources, which allow distant audiences to access its collections. These resources can be used by teachers, librarians or cultural organizations to prepare mediation.

In addition to the integral exhibition in pictures, each gallery provides files, teaching sheets and bibliographical references. Interactively designed, on-line exhibitions are completed by downloadable guided tours and the pictures are linked to the whole digitalized book.

On the Digital Library for Children (only in French), the younger have access to playful activities in relationship with the BnF collections. Around universes like tales, animals, myths or poetry, the website provides extracts and illustrations from digitalized books and albums, quizzes, puzzles, tales reading, stories to imagine and even role plays. It allows children to discover the collections of the Library end to express themselves with picture and text, using their skills: imagination, observation and curiosity.

Entertaining and interactive, these ways of discovering the collections open them to a larger audience, giving them keys to understand and appreciate the collections.