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Friends of Archeology, an Arabic version of the French book

The French documentary book is now available Arabic


In the famous serial « Friends of… », Friends of Archaeology leads its readers to discover the profession that makes most of small and big children dreaming ! How and where should we dig ? Which materials can we discover ? Which datation techniques are available ? Who has the right to dig ? This book, filled with drawings and sketches, burst with historical, methodological and practicle explanations, but also proposals of experiences for the beginner explorer !

Located in the leading country concerning destination for archaeologists from all over the world, the Center of Alexandrian Studies wanted to translate the documentary book for young people, written by Francis Dieulafait, Corinne and Thierry Delétraz, and published in 1999 by Milan publisher.

Translated and adapted by Haytham Khashaba, with the help of Marwa Abdel Gawad, it was published by Harpocrates in 2008 and distributed by the CEAlex. The book was also sold by IFAO, in Cairo. The educational branch of CEAelx who work on the circulation and popularization of the historical patrimony of Alexandria often use the book to organize activities for children, and give them the oportunity to invistigate !