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Graphic designer, independent artist

4b1d581bc5c11672aaf16f25e1be4327Shennawy was born in Cairo in 1978 and studied fine arts with a specialization in advertising. As a teenager, he developed a passion for comics. Then he began his career drawing for Ala el-Din magazine at the beginning of 2000’s, then he worked in advertising.

His short comics « Plus de batterie » was nominated in 2009 in Angoulême international comics festival in young talents category. In 2009 he gathered a collective of artists to create « Toktok » journal. The name is a reference to the small tricycle cars used in rural area and popular area of Cairo. The comics’ journal is written for adults and deals with daily life in Cairo, staging anti heros.

Now, he works as an independant artist and graphic designer. His illustration project in the City of the Death explores the subject of how people and patrimony are interacting. Interested in daily life marks, he suggests the cohabitation between living and dead people.1b9f3723ecd7da583e83fc260d6fe83c