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Municipal library of Marrakesh

An evolving resource centre


Municipal library of Marrakech © My Driss Rjila

The public library of Marrakesh is located in the core of the city and offers to the readers books of general interests, mostly in Arabic, but also in Amazigh, French and Spanish. Beyond the documentary function, the library plays an important social role, through training and cultural activities. For example, skill shares are offered. Resource persons and local association provides workshops to share their knowledge. Likewise, the library guides future graduates in their decision and offers reading awareness group visits for pupils.

The library renewal, an answer to social challenges

Book mobile © My driss Rjila

The urban development project of the city of Marrakesh integrated the renovation and extension of the municipal library. The renovation will enable to double the surface. The project has benefited from the support of the City of Marseille.  The future library will become the head network, with the opening of two communities libraries. Likewise, the house of the associations was stocked with books. The computerisation and networking of the libraries are also planned. Currently, four reading points are open in different districts of the City. The library also have a book mobile, which stays in Ghéliz gardens. At last, the library whishes to develop the team and hire multiskilled and complementary employees.

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Library project © My Driss Rjila