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Mediterranean adventures of « Omar le Chéri » comic book

Meetings and exhibitions, from Tunis to Sarajevo

IMG_5255« Omar le Chéri », the character who gave his name to the association (Mediakitab partner), continues its Mediterranean epic. Last port was Beyrouth last November. During the book fair, black and white and coloured drawing boards from the album « the lost tomb of Alexander the Great » (scriptwriter : Gilles Kraemer, cartoonist : Damir Niksic) were exhibited, on the booth of « L’Orient Le Jour ». The French speaking journal has publishing the story as a serial, in its youth supplement. In March, it was exhibited in Tunis, on the French Institute booth for the International book fair of Tunis (27 march-5 april). In May, The travelling exhibition is visiting French Institutes from Sousse and then from Sfax.  The Tunisian journal « La Presse » had published the adventure as a serial, from last autumn to the fair, so that the character get more famous in Tunisia.

Invitation BD GK FILT 2015

On May 28, Omar Le Chéri takes pride of place in Sarajevo. The adventures have been translated into the local language and Page13published by Agarthi Comics publisher. The cartoonist Damir Niksic is even drawing a new cover. For the occasion, the French Institute of  Bosnia-Herzegovina creates a unique event by pooling a giant cover on the roof of the covered market Markalé. The covers which measures 32m x 22m, is illustrated with a drawing board. A school competition invites the children to rewrite the speech bubbles with peace messages in French and Bosnian. Donato Giuliani, the manager of the Institute tells with a malicious tone : « The board will enter in the Guiness World records book, as it goes beyond, by some square metres, Tintin board which was unfold on Bruxelle square, on May 2009 ! ».