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MEDiakitab association, located in Marseille, is in charge of administrating the blog. Contents are a reflection of the activities, analysis and knowledge developped by the network members.


Toktok journal


The first edition of « toktok » magazine was puplished in a social revolt atmosphere, in january 2011. On Shennawy’s initiative, a group of artists (authors, designer, caricaturists) had gathered some months later wanting to use comics language to tell stories in tune with daily reality of contemporary Egypt, in a realistic and lively style. Hence [...]


poster 2014

Sharif el-Sayed founded Khayal in 2013 to organize an itinerant and collective exhibition about creation for children: illustration, toys, origami and photography… Khayal, which means imagination in Arabic aims at promoting meetings between Egyptian artists creating for children and their public. Children can participate in workshops introducing to the technics used by the artists. The [...]

Sharif El Sayed

multimedia designer, illustrator


Sharif el-Sayed is a graphic designer, born in 1972 in Alexandria. Since 1998, he has been working in Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime transport, as a digital art director. He seeks in his work to combine the possibilities of the digital tools with the social cultural issues.

His artistic work turns toward youth [...]