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Toktok journal


The first edition of « toktok » magazine was puplished in a social revolt atmosphere, in january 2011. On Shennawy’s initiative, a group of artists (authors, designer, caricaturists) had gathered some months later wanting to use comics language to tell stories in tune with daily reality of contemporary Egypt, in a realistic and lively style. Hence the choice of “toktok” onomatopoeia which is a reference to the small tricycle cars used in rural area and popular area of Cairo. The three monthly journal stages anti heros who act in various stories from comic to tragic style. Shenawwy, Makhlouf, Andil, Hisham Rahmah et Tawfik, the five founding members have been joined by other designers and scriptwriter. The process used to print, publish and deliver is experimental. The choice of self-publishing let them benefit from a large freedom of expression but they also keep in touch with big publishing houses or bookshops channels to get support from distributing networks. The group also maintain a special relationship with small distributors: bookshops, coffees…