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Ingrid Bon

Consultant library services for children and young adults and reading promotion. Secretary of IFLA section child 2003-2007 and chair of IFLA section child 2007- present.
After 10 years of working as a children’s librarian in Zevenaar, Ingrid Bon started to work as a consultant library services for children and young adults at Biblioservice Gelderland. Every province in the Netherlands has a provincial support organisation that takes care of communications between national level and the local libraries, organizes training programs for library staff and other employees. Gelderland is one of the biggest provinces of the Netherlands and has 22 libraries (115 including branch libraries), 800 primary schools, 100 secondary schools).
She is a qualified trainer in Taallijn VVE, a training programme to improve language skills by young children. The target groups for this training programme are professionals in day-care centres, teachers in primary schools, children’s librarians, parents, … She is also involved in several post training programmes for library staff and employees. She published several articles in various professional magazines and do regularly (Inter)national presentations besides yearly Ifla conference.
More: http://www.ifla.org/en/libraries-for-children-and-ya

Contact :
Ingrid Bon- chair Ifla section Libraries for children and young adults
Biblioservice Gelderland -Postbus 9052 -6800 GR Arnhem -Netherlands
Email: ingrid.bon@biblioservice.nl