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The « Book House » association, Beirut

The « Book House » association, member of the “BIBLIAN” network, was born in 2002 to struggle the lack of books in Lebanon.

Its action rests on 3 axes:
• Professional training
• Animation
• Book diffusion

The organization promotes book diffusion by:
• Exhibiting books,
• Workshops in Lebanon and participation in foreign book fairs
• Promoting little editors, authors and professional meetings.

The result is the opening of Arabic literary production and the reinforcement of Lebanese literary vitality. In this logic, the organization has created and developed a collaborative free web platform called ‘MUBTADA WA KHABAR’ (mubtada.org).
The ‘MUBTADA WA KHABAR’ is a collaborative platform using web 2.0 technology that aims at bringing together the regional actors of knowledge in order to invigorate thought in the Arab world.
It’s also contributing to the development of the book industry by providing continuous information, tools for both local and international diffusion and promotion, as well as homegrown guidance, best practice, and pragmatic standards that will empower stakeholders to meet international standards.
This collaborative tool offers French, Arabic as well as English youth literature publication.

MDL manages international book fairs like in Bologne and Paris in addition to the Lebanese literature department.
MDL is also in charge of professional training sessions in order to improve reader user services.
With the International French Edition Desk (BIEF in French) and the Francophone Bookshop International Association, the MDL has organized seminar and regional training sessions for booksellers in Beirut. The organization was in training sessions in Morocco, Egypt, and France as a participant.

In 2006 the MDL participated in putting in place a training session program for trainers in the francophone area.
In 2007 with the Literature department of the FLSH (Literature and Humanities University) they launched a professional Masters axed on book professions.
The organization should build a database on book professions, a huge Lebanon professional and editor production counting operation. Results will be published through special reports and a website.

The MDL gives an important place to youth literature. Thus, the MDL with The “Joy through Books” (Joie des Livres) association and the French Cultural Mission in Lebanon (MCFL) created in 2004 the first youth edition publication called Hamzet Wasl. This review, unique in the Arabic area, was distributed in 2006, by the great national daily newspaper AnNahar.

Through a large cultural project with the Monnot Theatre, the Assabil association and other partners, MDL should acquire a public library dedicated to stage and show arts.
The MDL is preparing a youth itinerant book festival which will take place during the next summer holidays.
Nowadays foreign partners for professional trainings, professional meetings as well as diffusion and book promotion sectors solicit the MDL.

Contact :

La Maison du livre/ Nadim Tarazi, Director
Rue Ghannoum Ain Rommaneh
BP 166865 Beyrouth Liban
Tél / Fax 00 961 1 391828