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CEAlex/ Alexandrina Studies Centre


The Alexandrina Studies Centre (CEAlex) was created in 1990 by Jean Yves Empereur, the Director of Research for the French National Scientific Research Center (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique – CNRS). The aims of the CEAlex are to study Alexandrian History through documents illustrating the fabulous destiny of the town. Archeological Excavations of the earth and of the sea, surface vestiges, archives, old maps, texts of antic authors and traveller’s stories feed researches.

Alongside scientific publications, the foundation wants to explain to large audiences the missions of the CEAlex.
Also in 2003, a pedagogical service completed the CEAlex team. It aims at keeping young people’s attention on the importance of heritage and gives them the keys to develop understanding about education of History and main stakes for future. These keys are based on scientist knowledge held by the team members: archeologists, architects, topographists, restorers…

Thus, several actions have been developing with the following aims:
• Sensitive youth to heritage by using research and works;
• Participate and initiate youth intercultural and multicultural projects throughout the Mediterranean area;
• Strengthen professional networks and cultural structures working in the field of youth and heritage both locally and internationally;

In concrete terms these aims permit to put in place:
• Educative plays in connection with CEAlex’s specialists, experts and external partnerships such  as ZINC/ECM association;
• Training in participative and pedagogic approaches with leaders and resource persons working with youth;
• Activity programs for schoolchildren and child’s groups with Egyptian, French and other Mediterranean partners.

Today, the educational service of CEAlex offers tools to 2000 schoolchildren thanks to the Egyptian Educational Ministry and its partners. As demands from Alexandria Youth and Alexandria Network association are more and more pressing and strengthen mobilization, the CEAlex educational services have decided to unsubscribe its actions and it projects through dynamic contribution with different partners in order to reinforce the network’s efficiency.

Contact :

Marwa Abdelgawad et Vincent Dumenil
Pedagogical Service at the Alexandrina Studies and Research Centre